Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Harses, harses, harses

So, I never wrote about a few Tuesdays ago when I went horseback riding with my cousins. I took the day off of work and homework, and drove out to Spring City (near Manti) for a very relaxing and very fun day.

We ended up combing the horses a lot,

galloping a bit, going up a mountainish place and chasing a small herd of deer. Jacob's horse seemed to have asthma... he was wheezing the whole time. But Jacob was breathing okay.

After riding we played a few games then went for a "hike" in one of the local canyons. We only went a little ways up and played a lot in the snow. Here's one of our guides juggling:

Everyone after all the snowball fights:

As I was driving home that evening, I just kept smiling -- it was so fun. I love my cousins (and my aunts and uncles).

In other news, I graduated from BYU last week:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You're invited

Tomorrow (Thursday) from 1pm to about 4pm in the Garden Court of the Wilkinson Center:

That's my senior project. The car uses a camera to navigate a course of pylons. Come see!

Also, this is my FHE group's video: