Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rex Lee

I'm pretty happy about running my first 5k this morning (the Rex Lee Run).  Christy and I have been "following" a training program for the past few months, "running" several times a week.  (Being pregnant stifles speed somewhat)

We walked the first part (the uphill part) together, then I jogged to the finish line alone.  It was fun to walk the uphill part for a few reasons: 1. I didn't have to run it, 2. everyone else was dead tired after running it, so I could easily pass them, which is strangely motivating.  As Christy put it, when you pass someone (anyone; even the lady in the cast, carrying a baby in her arms, pushing a stroller with a broken wheel) you think, "Yeah, I'm fast!"  You might be going an inch an hour, but passing someone still makes you think it.  Motivated by such, I jogged to the end without stopping!

Both water stations on the course were out of cups when I passed.  At the first, the girl cheerfully said, "Sorry, we're out of cups, but the next station is only three quarters of a mile away."  What a politically astute way of describing the 1 mile distance to the next station.

At the next station, the girl said (also cheerfully), "Sorry, we're out of cups, but you're almost at the end."  Maybe the psychology department volunteered to handle the water stations to conduct an experiment.  You could probably extend the almost-there logic to really reduce costs for a Marathon.  Place stations a mile apart staffed with apologetic people encouraging you to just jaunt on over to the next station.

Luckily it was cloudy and cool (and it's only 3 miles), but I stopped anyway to put my head under the water cooler for a mouthful.

Good day!