Sunday, April 27, 2014


My daughter has expectations.

The other day, she tripped and fell next to the chair I was sitting in.  She started to cry so I picked her up and was rocking her.  She kept crying, so I kept rocking her.  Eventually, still crying and annoyed she blurted out through sobs, "KISS ME!"


So I kissed where she bonked and then all was well.


While we were visiting family in Florida, Madeleine found some great corn holders:

And he held the corn for her until she finished.


This afternoon, I put some crackers in front of Madeleine.  She wasn't eating them so I asked, "Do you want those crackers?"


A few minutes later, I sat down next to her and grabbed a cracker (since she didn't want them).  As I put it in my mouth she said, "Hey!  That's my cracker."  And smiled.