Sunday, November 6, 2011

Malaika Wangu

I married an angel.

After being dumped once by a girl, I wrote this poem:

Where have all the butterflies gone
    Whose wings once tickled my heart?
Why does the fire's flame now burn so low,
    Which before, from the blaze made me start?
Where is the apple at the top of the tree
    That beckoned me up to such heights?
Where are those eyes, those star-shaming eyes,
    That smiled at me those warm summer nights?

They're gone.
It's spent.
Beyond reach.
They're closed.

A soft echo's all that remains...

   And a hope -- a sure hope!

That new butterflies will come,
That a flame will arise,
That I'll find that sweet fruit in the tree,
And that this time,
    Not eyes, but a heart I will find,
Who will smile with love on me.

And I found her!  All the pain of dating seems laughably insignificant now.  Christy is so good, so genuine and so true.  And she's cute :)

To the discouraged daters: keep trying.