Sunday, December 22, 2013

Three things


Me: Utah.
M: Hatah!
Me: You.
M: You.
Me: Tah.
M: Tah.
Me: Utah.
M: Hatah!

Every time, without fail.

Picking out our (suprisingly still-fragrant) Christmas tree.  She thinks, for some reason I don't quite understand, that you can get drinks from trees.

Mandarin consolation

After I parked outside the building where I work on one of the snowy/icy days this last week, I gathered up my water bottle and two mandarin oranges and got out of the car.  As I navigated the icy parking lot trying not to slip, I suddenly thought, "Well, at least if I fall over, these two oranges will go flying and make anyone who sees it laugh."

That made me smile.  I didn't end up slipping.  How sad.

Nursery KO

Today was little M's second time going to nursery (she's been sick ever since the first time).  When we got home, she refused to nap, so we decided not to fight it and ate dinner.  By the end of dinner, she was struggling to stay awake so we put her to bed.  At 5:30!  Out like a light.

Here's hoping that it lasts through the night.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

humidi fire!


During the summer, we saw the hot air balloon launch for Independence Day.  We got right up close to the balloons -- enough that we could feel the heat every time they turned on the fire.  Ever since, Madeleine always makes the sound of fire whenever we talk about fire.  I don't know how to spell the sound... something like: "fffffhhhhhuhhuhhhh"


A few months ago, we had a fire in our fire place.  Kimmy was over and taught Madeleine that the fire was dangerous by saying, "Danger!" and moving her hands back and forth as if to say stay away.  So Madeleine often says "danger!" when she's near the fire place.


We've all been sick lately (colds, coughs and congestion) and so we've had the humidifier running in Madeleine's room at night to alleviate that a bit.  Since we narrate everything we do when Madeleine's around (We're not the only parents that do this, are we?  We're not crazy, right?) she knows that it's called a humidifier.

One morning, we went to turn off the humidifier and she said, "Fire!  ffffhhhhhhhhhh!  Danger!"  Because a humidifier is just a humid kind of fire to her :)