Friday, September 19, 2008

Not a lot

I take a variety of ways to and from work every day. During the summer I would consistently take University Avenue to and fro, but now that school's in session, it seems like the roads are a little more crowded. So it takes me 10 minutes longer to travel, but I enjoy the calmer drive.

On one of my out-of-the-way escapades this week I found a lot for sale:

I'm thinking of buying it. I'll use it for storing my boat and my sports cars. If anyone wants to go halfsies with me, let me know. I think this sign could be a.... sign reminding me that just because something's big and red and for sale doesn't mean it's a good deal.

And no, Cambridge boy doesn't come with the lot.... unless you're female and free tomorrow night.


Megs said...

Perhaps you could even build a nice shed on it, and then have a garden with a dovecot and a sundial. Aw.

me.knight21 said...

haha i love your plug for a date at the end. well done. :)

matt i realized that in my absence of blogging, i have been absent from reading! i had 3 posts of yours to catch up on, and i'm glad i did. i miss you.

Cordy said...

Hey, I'm free ;>

Kidding, I'm kidding. It IS a nice lot though.