Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Edge of the World

I had a really good day last... I think it was Thursday.

After working for a little in the morning I went to Harmons for lunch. I drove to a nearby church, snatched the red checkered blanket from my trunk, chuckled to myself that it was, indeed, a red checkered blanket, layed it on the grass at the edge of a tree's shadow, took off my shoes and slowly ate my lunch. If memory serves, I also had a package of Pepperidge Farms cookies -- either the butter-sodden, shortbread Chessmen or the thin-n-crispy, chocolatey Brussels.

To save the entire package of cookies from extinction, I cut my excursion short. On a side note, I have a goal this summer to purchase a package of cookies -- whether Pepperidge Farms or otherwise -- and to eat only one cookie per day. I don't know if such a goal is possible; my gut says that it wants to eat the cookies, so I'm thinking it'll be difficult.

Anyway, a couple hours later I left work and headed home. But, on my way home, on a whim, for the first time, I stopped at the Edge of the World park and flew my kite. The park has always invited me to visit: it sits atop the bench overlooking University Avenue (as well as the rest of the valley) with no fence or foliage guarding the drop. From within the park looking West it really looks like Earth ends with the lawn.

I don't remember what else happened that day... but at least the remembered was excellent.

I made the following video from the web cam in the testing center. 10:30am is particularly exciting.

And this comes from the Brimhall building's web cam.


Barbaloot said...

Those videos make me SO happy that I'm finished with school.

anne said...

awesome...i love the guy who suddenly appears in the bottom right corner from 7 to 9:30pm - what a place to study, haha.

G-Unit said...

I'm in your video! The line isn't as bad to wait in when you know it's coming... :)

Tammy said...

I cant believe I used to work there, it looks like a farm there are so many people! I particularly like the rebel in the red sweatshirt at approx. 10:30 am. I think he's hot. Do you think you could get me his number?

Liz said...

Clearly, it pays to go early. Alas, I am not a morning person, so I'd probably fail exams that I took early in the day. Good thing I don't go to BYU. Most of our finals don't take place in the testing center. Actually, finals week, in my experience, has been the best time to go to the testing center.

Not that it's somewhere that I'd choose to vacation or anything, but...