Sunday, January 29, 2012

Them people

I heard on the radio that some people somewhere were asking for legislation to prohibit ocean liners from  sailing within a certain distance of certain Italian shores.  They want the laws because of what happened with the Costa Concordia.  I think such legislation is ridiculous.  How often have cruise liners crashed in those waters?  If such a law already existed, would it have prevented the reckless captain from making the same choice?  The captain ought to be punished; and people will learn from the experience.

I've been thinking political thoughts lately.  Sometimes, I wish I had a quiet place, like a moon base, where I could go ponder in peace.  And sometimes I wish I had a quiet place, like a moon base, to which I could send politicians.

I want to vote for a normal American: someone who has worked hard to earn their living.  I would really like to vote for someone who does not want to be a politician.  If a farmer ever ran, I think I would vote for them.  Good farmers don't do stupid things -- they just get the work done.  Ammon, I would vote for you.  I would also vote for someone who did no fundraising.  Why should you need to spend a lot of money to become elected?

I have other thoughts, but I haven't yet sorted them through in my head.

Also, sometime in May, Christy and I have an appointment to meet a little girl at the hospital and bring her home to live with us for a few years.  I expect she'll want a name.  And probably some food and clothing.  She'll likely cry sometimes, too.

I hope she can do math when she arrives.


Barbaloot said...

A baby! Congrats:)

Alisa Haggard said...

"I would really like to vote for someone who does not want to be a politician."


Dan said...

Congratulations Matt! I hope your daughter becomes the first female farmer/President of the United States. Haggard for President in 2060!

Magoo said...

At least if you vote for Gingrich your moon base dream could become a reality.

Meg said...

Delightful! Your wife's pregnancy brings the total number of pregnant women I know up to "everyone I know who is a young married woman and also the wives of some of the male persons I know." So exciting!

And I agree about the politics. I kind of wish they'd stop having so many debates so I'd stop having to think about how crazy I think they all are and how I don't really want to vote for any of them, EVEN if they promise me moon settlements with state's rights.

Miri said...

Your calculations may be a tiny bit off, Megan.

Congratulations, Matt! I thought you were going to be foster parents at first because of the "for a few years" part.

Jason--HA! Matt, he's right, Gingrich could help you out here. (This made me laugh out loud.)