Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stickin' it to the Man

About two years ago, I bought a lawn mower, if you remember.  Since that time, I've been paying back the money I borrowed from the bank to purchase the lawn.  The bank makes a lot of money off my desire to mow a lawn.  People should be able to earn a living, and the bank has found a niche that enables "it" to earn a living.  But they could still make a comfortable living on much less than what I give them.

I've always liked tangible metrics.  I would sometimes place MnMs on the piano, one for each song I had to practice, and eat them one at a time after doing the required work.  I have a jar I fill with marbles after accomplishing some of my goals (it's about 1/4th full now).  Christy and I had a paper chain counting down the days until marriage.

Now, there's a man living in my closet:

 We refer to him as "The Man."  Notice the stickers that adorn him.  Every time we pay down a certain amount of the principle (or principal) of the loan on the lawn and surrounded home, we stick it to the man.  It feels great.  I originally thought we could stick pins in a doll, but Christy pointed out that it wouldn't do for inquisitive children to happen upon a porous Cabbage Patch hanging in daddy's closet.

Also, we clean our house each week by reading clothes pins.

Each pin represents a job and has a numeric frequency written on it (you do the number 2s every other week.)  You clip the pins to your shirt while you work, then hang them on the line for the coming weeks (put the 3s on the line to be done in 3 weeks).  It's fun.


Meg said...

This is my favorite thing ever. I just read this, laughed hysterically at your voodoo avoidance methods, then made Eric read it. I might need a sticky man for our student loan payments.

Lacking Productivity said...

I love that you shared these. I love gimmicky things to get me to do stuff...seriously, if I had a sticker chart of things to do to become the first female president...and I'd make the final sticker the presidential seal...and putting it on my chart would be my first order of business.