Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Megan says I should post on my blog. Maybe I will. But, I like writing in my journal more than I like posting a journal. I mostly like to keep my private thoughts private. But, I guess I could treat this more like writing letters.....to an indeterminate audience.

Well, one thing I like to do is take pictures. Here's a few of my favorites that I use for my computer-box's desktop.

Binder. Oh if you could see what was written on that page :) This photo was taken atop the JFSB on the balcón on the east side.
A flower. One of many flower pictures I've taken. The camera's flash was the only light used to.... light this flower.
A balloon of hot air. Taken from the ground on either the Fourth or Twenty-Fourth of July this year.

Yes, I know that pictures with people in them are more interesting, but these are desktop pictures. Feel free to use them if you'd like. I'll probably post more some time. (I cycle through 44 backgrounds currently)


Megs said...

Matt. Private thoughts are one thing, but blogs are FUN! Plus it gives me something to do when I don't want to do my homework! And also, you are funny and should share your funniness with the world. You know I'm right.

Megs said...

Also, I just realized what a pointless and nonsensical comment that was. Sorry. I probably post more of my private thoughts than I really should on my blog, but sometimes I just need to get them out there. Meanwhile, I also post things that are funny, cool, or only applicable to me (playlists, for example) just because I like the joy of creating something that someone will see.

Was that less pointless than the last comment? Probably not.

Kira Joy said...

there is such thing as private thoughts? wow...everything I've ever thought is simultaniously blurted out my mouth at the same time.

I love the pics!