Saturday, December 1, 2007


Every day this semester, our EE 380 teacher has commented on how hard it is to write on the chalkboard in our classroom. And nothing ever happened to fix it.... until Thursday.

Here's a picture of the hard-to-write-on chalkboard:

The thing you should notice about this picture is that it's lacking our teacher. That's because, just prior to me snapping this, our teacher, in frustration said, "Alright, I'm going to go get the Dean. You all stay here!" And he left.

Then he came back with the Dean of the college:

And just as the end-of-class bell rang, two workers came in to put the new whiteboards up.

It's amazing what can get done when the right people know what to do.

And here's another wallpaper of mine:


Megs said...

That's amazing! I need to remember this technique for making things happen when I am a teacher with crappy equipment. I will study this video endlessly.

Kira Joy said...

I loved hearing them hypothesize the reasoning as to why the board wouldn't work....but mostly, I am astonished to know there are still classrooms out there with chalkboards.

Miri said...

fantastic, but what i like most about the whole thing is that you were filming it. amazing. :)
also, so is that picture, and all the ones below it. apparently you are fabulous with a camera, which is something about you that i somehow did not know.

Miri said...

hahahahahahaha! that click me button is so mean! leave it to an engineer. :)