Saturday, March 1, 2008


Last week I decided to make Tetris. I egged Todd on until he bet me that I couldn't write it in an hour. He won... it took me 2 hours to get it working, and I fiddled for an extra hour on making it better. The thing that let me do the program so quickly is this Python module called Pyglet. Pyglet makes the graphics really easy, so I could just concentrate on the logic part of it.

Anyway, I'm nerdy, but I've made Tetris... here it is:

In other news, I arm wrestled and defeated Ashley and Alicia. And lest the results are ever contested, here is the evidence of my victories:


Dan Kim said...

If there was ever an award for "Bachelor of the Year" - You would win hands down. You can program tetris, and win, not one but two, girls in fairly intense arm-wrestling. Can you program "Tecmo Bowl" in 4 hours?

Kira Joy said...

I was thinking about Tetris on Saturday as I sat in the car, watched the slushy snow hit the windshield and slide down collecting at the bottom. In my mind, I decided that slushy snow collecting on glass was probably the most primitive form of Tetris.