Saturday, July 26, 2008

Timpa No Go Us

I've never hiked to the top of Timpanogos.

I've always wanted to -- I've lived at her feet my whole life. It's just never happened. But this morning, I awoke at 5:00am so that I could make it happen. Yesterday, in fact, I gathered all the necessary (and superfluous) preparations -- fruits, nuts, food, water and a slightly earlier bed-time. But...

...every once in so often, I'm reminded that I'm human -- that despite my strongest intentions, I may not be able to always do everything I want. This morning was one of those "so oftens." I felt queasy on my way down the stairs to the grassy knoll (our ward's official meeting spot for all activities), but thought it would go away. It didn't. A few blocks out, I made Jason pull over and I... to euphemize the act... made an addendum to the gutter.

Hindsight says I should have just gone back home... but I truly did feel better. Anyway, we made it up to the mountain... and las cosas que viven adentro querrĂ­an escaparles. Escaparon.

And so, we had to come back home. I'm glad everyone was willing to drive me home and sacrifice their hike -- though I feel pretty darn lame about it. They dropped me off and did a different hike.

On the positive side: it's beautiful up there. It felt great to breathe the mountain air. Now I have a greater desire to hike to the top.

So, I've still never hiked to the top of Timpanogos.

Here's us not hiking:

And here's my niece -- just because she's cute:


Mandy said...

If it makes you feel any better I have never hiked to the top either, despite my friend's invitation to do it with her family every year. I want to, I really do, but sometimes I think that it might take the mystery out of Timp. I like to sit on my porch in Oakley, look out over the valley to the figure of the sleeping Indian princess that is Timpanogos and just feel the wonder of it. Sure the view from the top is great, but perhaps we somtimes forget that the view from the bottom is also wonderful.

Liz said...

I've never hiked it either--maybe it's not that unusual!

Other thoughts:
-My ward also has a place where we meet called the grassy knoll...I'm pretty sure we're not in the same ward though...I think I would've seen you.

-It's a good thing that I wasn't drinking anything when I read this: "made an addendum to the gutter" is a very strange, very...strange way to put it, but I laughed out loud. Too funny. And now, I'll never be able to talk about a form we use at work called the addendum without thinking of that...ew...

-Your niece is adorable!

Sorry you're sick...that's the worst. Hope you feel better soon!

Megs said...

haha. I got about a mile into that hike. It was the same day I got back from 2 weeks in the South - at sea level. Yeah, good idea on my part. The best part was I didn't know most of the people I was hiking with and we started at midnight. Luckily, I thought to call Todd and Geoff and Eric, who were still awake at 2 am and had no problem adventuring. Good times. Someday.