Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Miserables and Angel's Landing

I spent the past weekend with my roommates and Amanda and Val and my grandparents in St. George. And we had a blast! My grandparents fed us like kings (thank you, Grandma and Grandpa) and the weather was great.

Oh, but before I begin... I dedicate this post, or rather, the pictures in this post to Martha, who mentioned here that one of the things that "blows her mind" is "people who take pictures to make it look like they're having tons of fun. it's one thing to document your trip, quite another to take a trillion pics of big-grin-right-in-the-lens. get over yourself." Knowing that before going down, I made a special effort to "document" the trip.

Here's my comrades and me on the shuttle to the bottom of the mountain:

Here's me part way up the mountain (I'm the one looking at the camera).

Here's another part way up (I'm the one occupying the right half of the picture).

Here's Scout Point (where you stop if you're afraid of heights)

Practicing lightning avoidance. I wish the pictures could do some sort of justice to how pretty it is up there.

Another shot of me (I'm near the bottom part of the picture. The mountain is behind me.)

And finally on our way to Tuacahn to see Les Miserables (that's my head in the middle obscuring the view of Tuacahn)

And I loved Les Miserables! That was my first time ever seeing any sort of production of the story. I've heard the music all my life, but I'd never seen it. Because the Tuacahn is outdoors, they could do cool things like have horses, pigs and goats, fireworks and a cannon. The pit orchestra was great and all of the performers sang and acted very well. It was quite a moving play.


Liz said...

In the first picture, you look approximately one foot taller than everyone else in the picture. Not sure if that's because of the angles, or due to the fact that you are, actually, about a foot taller than most people.

ibscrubbin52 said...

lol matt...you are too funny for your own good sometimes. i am jealous you guys got to go hiking! dang. maybe one day i can be cool like you and take as many stunning photographs as you ;)

also, i'd like to mention that that particular post of mine where i rant and rave about photos like that was out of sheer rage and jealousy, like most of my posts are product of emotions and not enough sleep lol. so perhaps i exaggerated a little...like usual.

so you really liked les miserables eh? yeah it's alright.

Barbaloot said...

Ooh---so jealous of you seeing Les Mis. I'm still in the process of convincing my dad we've got to go see it!

Also, thank you for taking the time to point out which person was you in all those photos. You've changed so much:)

Sydney Vivian Lambson said...

love the pictures.

Tammy said...

yu has a blog!

Very funny comment by the way :)

ANd I am jealous that you got to see L.M. but Im really glad you saw it and liked it a lot.

I love the photos :) Eat that Martha :)

Mandy said...

Wow, I wish my life looked as fun as yours, I'll have to start taking more pics of my terribly excited face everywhere I go. Haha. Les Mis is amazing, I'm glad you finally got to see it. I grew up listening to all the music too, but didn't see it until last summer, but I loved it!