Thursday, November 20, 2008


Keep rnediag, it's pbisolse to raed tihs. You may rembeemr tihs pmnhneoea bieng pasesd arunod as an eimal a whlie ago. It sdpupseoly cmae out of smoe rasreceh dnoe at a Unirsteviy. Tihs guy cmmontes on the oraginil (wihch may not alaculty be all taht aruatcce).

Awayny, I've adedd a btoutn on my bolg (oevr tehre on the rhgit) taht if you prses, wlil mkae evrey psot manlegd in the smae way this one is. Feel fere to psers it, tehn wiat a few sdocnes to see if tgihns cganhe. I've olny tsteed it wtih FFeroix, so I'm not srue how the ohetr bersrwos wlil frae.

Hree's the botutn too:


martha said...

you are ridiculous.

and i love it.

ps. i'm glad you're not dead.

Sydney Vivian Lambson said...

make it stop

Liz said...

Works in Safari.

Of course, by "works," I mean that it makes things completely messed up, but, that was the goal, right?

Mandy said...

I read the link to the article, and yes, of course I found it interesting because I am an English nerd, and I'm interested in that kind of stuff. I'm taking a teaching reading class and so I found a lot of things that they were talking about intriguing. Anyway, taht's all I hvae to say.