Saturday, November 22, 2008


Last Sunday I woke up feeling sick and promptly threw overboard the offending stowaways from the ship that is my stomach. I retired to my quarters only to return repeatedly to the deck to have a few more walk the plank. Eventually, I signaled the Mothership for aid. She came out to sea and towed me back to harbor where I stayed until Wednesday afternoon.

In the process, I got some great scruff:

I have some residual treasures at home that always make staying there convenient. I have a change of underwear, an unoccupied bed, a drumset, a piano and a toothbrush -- at least, I think I have a toothbrush. I know that I left a toothbrush at home; it was in the mirror on the right. I left it on the second shelf when I moved out in 2006. I'm pretty sure it was white.

There's still a white toothbrush in that mirror -- but it's been moved. And it's next to another fancier, mechanical toothbrush. So every time I brush my teeth at home now, I put some paste on the brush and think, "Is this really my toothbrush? Or is this Dad's?" But every time I elect benign ignorance over sure understanding and brush my teeth with the white brush.

And I'm happier that way. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. :)


Liz said...

I always love your descriptions of when you're sick...

I love that you keep a drumset there for convenience and comfort. It really is an essential item to keep around.

And I agree--it's probably better if you don't find out that that's not your toothbrush.

Jenna Kae said...

nice scruff. and i agree with liz - not knowing is preferable in some cases. when i was in china, there were multiple times when i was glad i didn't know what i was eating. ignorance really can be bliss...

martha said...

i like your scruff matthew.




and did i tell you i am taking drums next semester? finally something in common ;)

you should also know that the word for me to post this comment is botick.

Barbaloot said...

Your lack of blog-posting is distrubing.

Tammy said...

You are so hot

Mark said...

I use a mechanical toothbrush. -dad