Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hundreds of Thousands of Words

Here are some things I've been working on lately. I'd put them on my more nerdly blog, but I'm not explaining anything technical here... so... here:

This demonstrates a simple watchdog timer thinger. The circuit will activate unless in receives a signal within a certain amount of time.

We (at work) used that circuit to power this fan so that when our website went down, the fan would turn on:

I fixed the dome light in my car. No, this was not the cheapest way to fix it. Yes, it was fun to do. Yes, it's pretty bright. And it makes me smile when I get in my car at night.

(and no, the light isn't just dangling from the ceiling -- this photo was taken before I put it in the cover)

And this is one of my mom's flowers before we pulled them all out before winter:

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Barbaloot said...

Next time I need anything hooked up or technically assembled or anything like that I'm calling you.

PS-are you still in my ward. I haven't seen you for awhile...granted, I haven't been there for a while either.