Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh, things

I was looking at Salt Lake's weather today and was presented with this:

The popup asks, "Would you like to save this location?"

YES! Yes, I'd like to save Salt Lake City! Is it going to be torn down? What do you need from me in order to save it? I'd donate funds to keep it around! Please, everyone, I plead with you to go to and vote to save Salt Lake City!

Also, I'm getting married this weekend.


Barbaloot said...

And you still haven't told me ANYTHING about it!

I'm referring to the wedding. Not SLC. I know enough about that.

Tammy said...

You have probably the funniest blog ever -wish you would write more! And add some more about the lovely lady please :)

More Bacon said...

I loved the invite! You guys look terrific.

I'm impatiently waiting for a big blog post all about how you guys met, etc.

Also, I'm glad you're trying to save SL. Someone has to. I've already used up my "save" places on with other choices. You can only save three cities. It's like survivor or something. If you try to save more than three, you doom one of the first three cities to total destruction. It's a lot of pressure, frankly.