Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life is Grand

Christy is visiting her sister this week. But it's okay. I'm not one bit sad. Life is pretty much the same.

I sleep.

I shave.

I get food out of the fridge.

I scamper off to work.

I drive to work.

I work.

I leave work.

I drive home.

I eat delicious dinners.

And even delicious desserts.

Don't even worry about me. I'm totally fine.


Julie said...

That's funny. Sorry to be enjoying Christy's company at your expense.

Mary said...

You should have come with her, Matt!!!

PS did I tell you we were going to keep her a few more days? We REALLY NEED Her!!! Alicia hasn't had her baby yet!!! We'll send her back soon, sometime in August!

Love you, Matt!!!

Alicia said...

Way funny! We sure enjoyed her company but sorry you were suffering without her. My mom's right - you should have come!

Mandy and Brian said...

love this

Alicia said...

Um...I may have to steal this idea Matt. Would you be offended? Are there copyright rules on your blog? Ben's gone all the time for busy season and I was thinking of doing a similar type of post :) Thanks for the brilliant idea!