Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our Garden

While we were visiting family in Florida for the Holidays, Alicia showed us her garden.  She had tomatoes, lettuce, blueberries, beans and a weed.  She asked, "How's your garden doing?" forgetting, I think that we live in Utah.

Our garden this year got a late start.  These little guys showed up in July:

It was a pretty hot summer, so (with the late start) I wasn't sure we'd get anything.  Thankfully, though, it has been bitter cold for the past little while and we are reaping a great harvest:

 Alicia, we'll send some of them back with your parents.


Heidi said...

Hey I think you got a much better crop than we did this year, but we are further north than you are, so maybe that's why.

Joe said...

And such low calories. Congrats on the harvest!

Alicia said...

Brrr....that's a wicked cold garden. We're in a heat stroke right now. I think it's too warm for my winter garden. :) Peace be with you!