Monday, March 4, 2013

Pistols and Prophets

Throughout most of one of last week's dreams, I was carrying a pistol around.  On the back of the pistol was a white switch that let me toggle between "Altoids" and "pistol."  Apparently, the pistol could either dispense Altoids or fire bullets.  It was a very frustrating weapon.  I never used the gun for shooting or for freshening breath because I couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger while pointing at my hand (waiting for an Altoid), and I was embarrassed to fire at criminals (what if an Altoid came out instead?).

Very frustrating.

Yesterday, I was skimming through the pictures in President Hinckley's biography when I happened upon a picture of Elder Neal A. Maxwell when he was called to be an Apostle.  I instantly missed him -- what an exceptional man!  And then, Elder Bednar spoke about him last night in the CES Fireside.  Here is the last talk Elder Maxwell gave in General Conference:

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Dan said...

Take that Criminal!

I miss Elder Maxwell. We were both on our missions when he gave that talk.