Thursday, October 24, 2013


This evening, Madeleine saw the Bananagrams bag perched on our corner shelf and insisted that I get it down.  I distractedly supervised her playing (just to make sure she didn't eat them) but was mostly talking with Christy about the day.  Madeleine happily picked them up and climbed on the couch and walked around the room jabbering.

Then dinner was ready.  I didn't want her to confuse the tiles with food, so I asked for them so I could put them away while we ate.  She gave me the six or so tiles in her hand, and I was astonished: all of them were the letter O!  She had sifted through the pile for all the Os she could find.  How did she learn that?

My other thought was: "She already likes to organize things.  Just like her mom.  And dad.  This could be bad for all sides."  :)


Alisa Haggard said...

What a clever girl!

More Bacon said...

You've created a monster.

A great monster, but a monster nonetheless. :)