Sunday, November 17, 2013


Today was Madeleine's first week going to Nursery for the last two hours of church.  We walked to the door, and, interested, she went inside and paused.  After looking at all the activity and toys and kids she turned around briefly, but then got swept up in the flow of another mom bringing her daughter in.  She loved it!

Christy cheated and checked on her in the middle of Sunday School.  I stole a peek in between the two hours.  I saw my cute little girl seated at the table with all the other kids just finishing snack time.  I wonder if a lot of her life changes (school, high school, work, college, marriage and all the little ones in between) will happen the same way: she enters into a new adventure entirely unaware of her parents standing at the window, watching her with a lot of excitement and a little nervousness.

At the end, she didn't want to leave nursery -- the slide was too fun :)

She was Tiger Lily for Halloween


Unrelated: I just noticed that one of our buckets of white flour is helpfully labeled "W Flour" on the side.  I'm trying to remember if that was from intentional silliness or not...

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