Saturday, December 8, 2007


And...... we now have a whiteboard:

It's Friday night... I went to see Devdas, a Bollywood movie. It was very colorful. It ended sad, but I wasn't as devastated as many of the weeping women were. The Indian dancing was pretty cool, and I liked the camera angles. And the leading lady was cute.

After the movie I went and played the piano... transcribing a song.

Here's some more desktops. The first was taken at Temple Square. The second was taken in Arizona... the two rings belong to J&E.


Megs said...

Since I already commented on this to you on IM, I thought I'd use this opportunity to share this with you:

Kira Joy said...

that is one heck of a rock.

PS: congrats on the wipe board and the many productive lessons to come

Elise said...

Matt!!! I just found your blog and I really am enjoying it and I've read almost all of your posts but I HAD to comment on this one. I enjoyed Kira's comment :) I agree. I will be forever grateful for Joel's sweet grandmother for blessing our lives with this "heck of a rock." You've inspired me--I should post on my blog more often...