Saturday, December 22, 2007

Loud Music

I don't like loud stuff. My mom raised me to keep my ears alive. We always took earplugs to movies... or if we didn't have ear plugs, we would put coats over our heads or stuff our ears with tissue from the restrooms. The first movie I ever remember seeing without ear protection was The Mask of Zorro, starring Zorro as himself. And I remember cringing every time the swords would collide. It was so loud!

I was also our High School drumline's chief proponent of salvaging hearing. I once even gifted ear plugs (and home-made caramel) to every member of the drumline for Christmas. They thought I was silly.

All that being said... every once in a while... when it tickles my fancy... when it buoys up my boat... I pump my music, whether in my car or by injecting the sound from my iPod directly into my skull. I remember one day... about a month or two before my mission, when I was coming home from work, the mood struck me: and I rolled down my windows and blasted Arise O God and Shine as sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. What a feeling!

And just this week, I had another loud moment: After work one day, as the sun was setting, I turned my car onto Geneva Road. As I straightened my wheel the guitars started to build... then they broke into full tilt. I turned up the volume to hear the sweet wailing theme from Top Gun. Conveniently, Geneva Road feels a lot like a runway when there are no cars in front of you. Likewise, driving a manual transmission feels a lot like flying an airplane. So, I pumped the stereo, and put the pedal to the metal (until I reached 5 over - I'm still safe when I pump it up) and flew home. It put a smile on my face.

...but I still don't like loud things :)


Megs said...

Matt. You crank Mo Tab. No one is going to accuse you of liking really loud things, like, ever. Just so you know.
Also, Merry Christmas.

Matt said...

Apple thinks we should be careful with our hearing too

Megs said...

hahahaha. So I just saw this post again and I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT IT when I was posting my thoughts about listening to music loudly in cars. How great is that? Maybe it was in the back of my head when I commented to my brothers, but I think I was thinking more about another of my guy friends who turns the music down when I ride with him - no doubt to be courteous and talk to me - even though he and I have really similar taste in music and talk about it all the time. (I mentioned it to him yesterday when a bunch of us were going somewhere - he turned the music up. I felt bad for the people in the back seat...but not too bad.) Also, I like how this comment is going to turn into a whole post if I keep going. Happy New Year!