Monday, April 7, 2008

Hare Finals

As finals approach, I think it prudent to remind everyone to get their tests done early. This is what happened last year on the last day of finals: (I recommend watching from at least 2 feet away with squinting eyes -- otherwise you might get sick. And... as all good home videos should, this video comes with an out-of-place sound track just to keep you watching)

And here's a few pictures from Holi, the Festival of Colors celebration at the Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork. Todd has all of the pictures I took on the MyFace if you wanna take a gander there -- I've not included all of the best ones here.

My mom doesn't like this picture:

Taken off the edge of the temple balcony

After the carnage. I think I like best the two girls on the right, who were very eager to join the picture:

Why, yes, I am really light:

Disease sets in:

Posing like... Egyptians? in front of the temple before the fray:

Todd building up the courage to ask Holika on a date:

A few seconds into the throwing of color. I'm so glad I wrapped my camera in a plastic bag:


Liz said...

Love the festival pictures--I didn't go, but apparently, everyone else in Provo did!

Is that really the line on the last day of finals?? Sheesh. I'm sure glad I don't go to BYU. Of course, if I did go there, I could just not procrastinate, but that's not super likely, so...

Kira Joy said...

hoh my gosh...that seems like the most inefficient testing I have ever seen! How many HOURS is that line?

Sydney Vivian Lambson said...

that is a mother of a line